Welcome 2019 – Happy New Year!

As we head into the last major holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve, we are finalizing our plans for how to spend that special moment when the clock literally counts down the last 10 seconds of the old year, and we usher in 2019 with celebration.

Just because there are no planetary positions denoting the date we have all agreed upon, or other physical, measurable manifestations of a new year numbered 2,019, that does not stop us from behaving as though there were. We not only declare it a New Year, but celebrate it and ring it in with much fanfare and preparation.

We all know the calendar is a human invention and did not always exist in human history. The calendar will likely always exist in humanity’s future; that is how useful it is. How else could we keep track of human affairs, make plans, and assess past events? It is unimaginable for our civilization to exist without it. For even though the labels we place on each day and year are merely labels, the passage of time is real. The sequence of events is real, and the goals we set, and especially the resulting effects on our lives, are very real.

But the only thing really making January 1 truly new is our actions – what we do about it. Although we can make positive changes in our lives on any day of any year, having declared a new year helps us remember to “reset.” Creating a new life for yourself for a new year is a perspective that helps motivate us as we chart our course from year to year. There are many things we each have power over in our own lives that we can affect with our own actions. The same way we change our clocks twice a year, and are reminded to change our smoke alarm batteries at those designated times, we can also change our life-trajectory in the new year, just by instituting new habits, or starting the process of making major changes. No year is all good or all bad, and things change from day to day, even from moment to moment. But we often say “I’ve had enough with this past year,” and pin our hopes for everything to turn out better in the coming new year. But let’s leave it until next week to start thinking about those resolutions. For now let’s just focus on just properly ringing in the New Year.

We hope your New Year’s Eve celebration will be jovial, filled with fine food, champagne, loved ones and merry-making. We know of many special venues throughout Queens that are planning fabulous parties and will pull out all the stops to make sure your new year is ushered in properly.

We wish all of you your best year yet, so join us in a toast to a much better, happier, more loving, peace-filled, prosperous, achieving, and celebratory New Year!

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