Ban on vehicular movement from Saturday midnight

The Election Commission (EC) on Thursday imposed a ban on vehicular movement from 12 midnight on December 29 to 12 midnight on December 30 marking the 11th parliamentary election.

The 11 vehicle types banned in electoral areas are: baby-taxis, auto-rickshaws, easy-bikes, taxicabs, microbuses, zeeps, pick-up vans, cars, bus, trucks, tempos and all other locally operated motor run vehicles.

Besides, motorcycles cannot operate across the country from 12am midnight of December 28 to midnight January 1.

The ban will however be flexible for candidate or their agents, and for election observers (with accredited identity cards) if they have permission from returning officers, reads the notification.

The ban will also not be in effect for journalists (with accredited identity cards), officials assigned to election duty, members of law enforcement agencies, approved visitors, and some emergency services like ambulances, the fire service, electricity and gas services, and post and telecommunication services.

The concerned authorities can also relax the ban on national highways, port and emergency commodity transportation, or any other emergency needs.

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