Twitterati define #2017in5words with ‘Virushka, link Aadhaar, GST’ among others

As the year 2017 draws to an end, Netizens decided to look back from the threshold at the year that, well, whizzed past by us. Trying to define the year 2017 in five words, people on the Internet, especially those on Twitter, got the hashtag #2017in5words trending.


People joined in the discussion with five of what they thought were the words that defined the year the best.

And, not surprisingly, some of their best guesses were as good as ours — yes, the lists included Virushka, Aadhaar and Bitcoin, among others.


“GST Yogi Padmavati Bitcoin Virushka…,” “Kal se peeni pakka band,” “”What the hell just happened.” “Beta tumse na ho paayega,” were some of the other interesting responses that came up when we did a quick search of the micro-blogging site with the hashtag.

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