Saudi arrests 2.5 lakh expats in 5 weeks

A total of 253,086 people have been arrested in five weeks since the start of the ongoing crackdown against violators of residency and labor regulations in the Saudi Arabia.

The coordinated security crackdown, as part of the Nation without Illegal Expats campaign, started on Nov. 15.

Until Thursday, Dec. 21, 136,997 people were arrested for violating residency laws, 83,151 for violating labor laws, and 32,938 for breaching border security regulations, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday, quoting campaign sources.

A total of 3,156 people, 76 percent of the Yemenis, were arrested while trying to sneak into the Kingdom across its southern border.

A total of 533 were arrested for giving transportation or shelter to the violators. Punitive measures were already taken against 36,942 violators.

The cases of 37,230 others were referred to their respective diplomatic missions to issue them travel documents while 41,326 violators are awaiting reservation of air tickets prior to their deportation.

A total of 54,092 violators have been deported to their respective countries in the five weeks since the launch of the crackdown, SPA said.

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