An average citizen drinks hardly a bottle of wine in 1-yr

An average citizen in Bangladesh drinks hardly a bottle of wine in a year. The lowest alcohol consumption was reported in Pakistan at nearly zero, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In some Asian countries people cannot even finish a glass. In others, people drink a lot.

People in South Korea were the most prolific drinkers in Asia. On average, South Koreans, over the age of 15, drink 10.9 liters of alcohol a year.

South Koreans drink copious amounts of alcohol so much so that no other country came close to their per capita consumption. The reason for this unparalleled liquor consumption was ascribed to the country’s liking for Soju – the fermented rice drink.

Vietnam came in second to South Korea in alcohol consumption. The country was said to have seen a rising level of alcohol drinking. Thailand was at third place in Asia.

Meanwhile, Mongolia and China were at close fourth and fifth position in Asia, respectively.   In China, the increasing alcohol consumption was attributed to their culture, as “drinking with colleagues is seen as vital to career advancement.”

Japan, which has been the so-called drinkers’ paradise, has seen a decline in alcohol consumption as it shared sixth place with Laos. Both countries have been found to have equal per capita consumption of alcohol.

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