Anti-liberation forces not to get people’s mandate: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said people will never give their mandate to anti-liberation forces, patrons of war criminals, corrupts and killers like BNP as they will drive the country from the path of development to destruction.


“The people of Bangladesh will never, ever cast their votes for these anti-liberation, corrupts, killers who killed people through arson attacks and patrons of war criminals. They will never be able to come to power …people won’t let them return [to power],” she said.


The Prime Minister said this while speaking at a discussion programme organised by Awami League marking the Great Victory Day and Martyred Intellectual Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Sunday.


Hasina said those who want to develop the country and people’s fate, free the country from hunger and poverty will ever support those who had nurtured war criminals, made them ministers and killed innocent people through arson attacks.


“No, people must not support them… they’re looters… they had promoted war criminals and terrorists, eliminated the peace of people… they had driven the country from the path of development to destruction,” she said.


The Prime Minister said the people of the country under the leadership of Bangabandhu and Awami League liberated the country.

“The country is now marching forward. It’ll move on and emerge as the developed and prosperous one.”


“The people of the country are moving around the world with their heads high, InshAllah they will continue this, this is our today’s promise,” she said.

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