Manushi Chhillar has always been focused towards her goal : Nutritionist

Nmami Agarwal, nutritionist of Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, says that the Haryana girl has always been focussed towards her goals and that contributed a lot to her success.


“Dedication, patience and a gentle heart can win any competition and millions of hearts. Manushi has always been focused towards her goal which led to her step by step success – from Miss Campus to Miss Haryana, then Miss India and now Miss World,” Agarwal told IANS .


“One needs to have patience to take small footsteps leading to bigger success.

Everyone admires her kindness, good deeds. Her passion to achieve her goal is the biggest lesson we all can learn from her,” she added.


Agarwal is the founder of diet and nutrition brand Nmami Life that focuses on personalized nutrition for everyone, especially fitness and sports enthusiasts, men, women and celebrities.


Her clientele also includes former Australian captain Michael Clarke, Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir and Miss India winners.


Talking about Manushi’s diet plans, she said: “Manushi is a vegetarian and had many travel commitments so there was no fixed plan and a new diet plan was made every day as per her schedule and local food available at the place where she will be travelling”.


“The basics remain the same – six meals a day – Smoothies and nuts for breakfast, fruits, yogurt and coconut water for Mid-meal, veggies with broke wheat for lunch, hummus with carrot or cucumber sticks for evening and lentil or mushroom soup with wholegrain toast for dinner,” she added.


She also has a lesson for those who wants to stay fit.


“Growing older is inevitable but healthy food choices can extend lives and make us feel and look young. Our body is a life engine of millions of processes and each nutrient affects our body differently. Hence, one should focus on individual nutrition goal to have a sustainable life,” she said.

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