Maximum 15 SIM cards allowed for one user

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) secretary Sarwar Alam on Tuesday said that a user will now be allowed to use maximum 15 SIM cards with his/her national identity (NID) card.


This is a three-time increase from the government’s last decision of allowing up to five SIM cards for each user.


Earlier on June 12, 2016, government decided to allow each consumer to use maximum 20 SIM cards and on August 4 last, they decided to cut the number down to five.


BTRC took the latest decision under the instruction of high level authority of the government, he said adding that, the BTRC also directed all the chief executives of all mobile operators regarding the matter.


BTRC will close the numbers randomly after 31 December, if anyone found using more than 15 SIM cards with one national identity card, Sarwar informed, reports UNB.


Consumers who have more than 15 SIM cards are urged to deactivate their extra contact numbers from the respective customer care offices by themselves within 31 December, he added.

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