Tribute to a ‘Man with Mission’

Annisul Huq’s time as Dhaka North mayor is cut short by his untimely demise. But his legacy as a ‘Man with a Mission’ will, surely, be long remembered.


As people in their thousands poured to the city’s army stadium on Saturday afternoon to say adieu to their beloved city father, Annisul long left this earthly world with many of his dream missions unfulfilled.

But the ones that he already translated into reality, very few leaders of our time can accomplish.


In his short political stint and few years of mayoral responsibility, Annisul succeeded in transpiring a strong message to the society that ‘might is not right’ when it comes to the question of good urban governance and creating a rule-based city.


His time saw unruly truckers giving in and finally stay-clear from illegally occupied key city arteries, diplomatic missions agreeing let go extended territories that they encroached  upon, at times, occupying pavements, meant for the general members of the public. Annisul freed a large part of the city of ugly billboards.


As we mostly humbly pay this tribute to a visionary leader, lest not forget the many other feathers that glittered nicely on his multifaceted turban. He was television compare, a successful businessman and a business leader.


In the ’80s when there was no other electronic media other than state-run BTV and Betar, Annisul with his youthfulness and creativity helped build a good public taste of aesthetic TV magazine programme. In fact, he also played the role of a lead male character in one of popular BTV dramas of yesteryears. Producers like Belal Baig and Nawajiah Ali Khan had worked with young Annisul with fullest of satisfaction.


From that stardom, Annisul stepped into the realm of then burgeoning RMG businesses and very successfully, he scaled up to the top of the ladder. He was admired and respected almost immediately by all and sundry as he started giving leadership- first to BGMEA, then to FBCCI and then again to Saarc chamber.


At an age of 65, six years shorter than the national average life expectancy, Annisul left us but this bustling city called Dhaka and its citizenry would definitely take long time healing the wound of losing the hitherto most admired city father.


Source: UNB

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