Pope uses word “Rohingya”, conveys solidarity for Myanmar refugees

Pope Francis referred to Rohingyas by their ethnic name for the first time while meeting a group of these forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals and asked for their forgiveness for all of the hurt they endured.


“The presence of God today is also called Rohingya,” he said on Friday while meeting 16 refugees brought to the capital from their makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazar, bordering Myanmar.


He added, “In the name of all of those who have persecuted you, hurt you, I ask forgiveness. I appeal to your large hearts to give us the forgiveness that we are asking.”


The pontiff used the word “Rohingya” for the first time during his current Asia trip to refer to refugees when he also apologized for the “indifference of the world” to their plight.


The pope, even drawing media criticism, preferred to avoid uttering the word as Myanmar declined to acknowledge them by their ethic name.


Francis greeted and blessed the Rohingyas holding their hands and intently listened to their stories in a show of solidarity.


The Rohingyas specially the women narrated to Pope how they and others women were raped and tortured by the Myanmar.

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