Working with sincerity; little time to sleep: PM

Asserting that she had been working with utmost sincerity and has little time to sleep, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said she always works for people, not to get any recognition and credit.


“It’s not about having recognition…changing the fate of the people of Bangladesh is a big achievement for me,” she said responding to a supplementary question from Jatiya Party MP Fakhrul Imam during PM’s question-answer session.


Fakhrul informed the House about the survey result of an organisation-Peoples and Politics-in which Sheikh Hasina ranked three on the list of honest head of government, UNB reports.


Pointing to the survey result, Fakhrul said the Bangladesh Prime Minister could not secure the second or the first position as the survey says there has been some ‘corruption in her government’.


Citing another survey of People and Politics, he also said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was on number four in the list of most active head of governments.


Fakhrul Imam wanted to know Sheikh Hasina’s reaction to the survey result.


The Prime minister said sometimes she does not get time more than three to three and a half hours for sleep at night due to workload. “I need to work whenever it comes to me.

And I do it out of my conscience.”


Hasina said she never thinks about how much wealth and money she got. “I never think what I have earned and who have recognized me for my works. Instead, I always consider how much work I’ve done for the welfare of people.”


Hasina, also the Leader of the House, said she has engaged herself in bringing welfare for people, risking her own life.


About corruption in the country, she said there had not been uninterrupted democracy in Bangladesh and she had to fight for establishing it on various occasions in her life.

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