Don’t let pro-Pakistani elements distort history: Hasina

Ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday called on the people to rise up so that “pro-Pakistani elements in the country” cannot distort history.

“Those who were not born on this soil and who had no attachment with this country and this land, attempted to erase the name of father of the nation, and to erase his speech,” said Hasina while addressing a mammoth public gathering at capital’s Suhrawardy Udyan.

Although the gathering was organised under the banner of Citizen Rally to celebrate UNESCO’s recognition of Bangabandhu’s 7 March historic speech, the ruling AL wanted to show its strength ostensibly to counter its arch enemy BNP’s 12 November rally at the same venue.

“Don’t those who attempted to erase the speech feel ashamed now when the UNESCO gives it recognition? I don’t know if they have any shame, because they are the ghosts of Pakistan’s occupation force.

“Even though they live in independent Bangladesh, they always lick the feet of Pakistan. They are groups of Pakistani sycophants and so they want to distort history,” added Hasina.

The prime minister thanked UNESCO for including Bangabandhu’s speech in the Memory of the World International Register.The Memory of the World Register lists documentary heritage having world significance and outstanding universal value.

Hasina went to say, “This isn’t a mere recognition… In fact, history itself takes revenge. History reveals the truth. Bangladesh has received that recognition today.

“This recognition brings dignity and pride for the entire Bangladesh, all the liberation war martyrs, all the freedom fighters and the pro-liberation elements”

“My only urge is: [rise up] so that the Pakistani ghosts, those who lick the feet of the Pakistani occupation force, and the sycophants, don’t get the scope to distort history anymore on this soil of Bangla. And people of the entire Bangladesh should rise to the challenge,” she added

“We’ve proved that a country prospers when a pro-liberation-war force stays in power. The socio-economic condition of the people of this country improved considerably when the AL came to power some 21 years into liberation.

The prime minister claimed that the country has developed the capacity to implement as much as 98 per cent of its national budget with its own resources.

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