Feeling low? Take a walk or run

Feeling low and depressed? Run. Go for a brisk walk.

You got to sweat out all that toxic thoughts before they kill you. The more you walk, jog or run, the lighter you will feel and better your mental health condition will be.


Everyone feels low at some point of time and depression can hit anyone at anytime. However, chronic depression can prove fatal. A recent study by scientists from the University of Ottawa showed that owing to the pressure caused by changing societal roles and multiple responsibilities, depression has significantly increased the risk of early death in women.


While the problem is serious and concerning, every problem has a solution. Another study has found that exercises and physical activities can quickly elevate anxiety and depressed mood. Regular exercise such as walking or running is one of the best solution to depression and anxiety.


“Physical activity has been shown to be effective in alleviating mild to moderate depression and anxiety,” Carol Janney, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in the US, said, according to IANS. At least, 30 minutes of exercise in five days a week is needed to promote mental and physical health, Janney added.


Several studies have linked depression with poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise. Hence, if one is fighting with depression, one needs to improve one’s diet by eating healthy food, maintaining healthy eating habits, reduce alcohol consumption and exercise more. Walk and run.


Regular workouts not only help to shed calories and reduce weight or control weight gain, but also helps to shed all the toxic matters in the body and the mind. Go for it. Just walk or run a few km. It’s not going to hurt you. It will lift your mood and help get over depression.

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