Commonwealth MPs agree to introduce uniform visa, trade systems

Commonwealth parliamentarians on Monday reached a consensus on a recommendation to introduce uniform visa and trade systems, and ease tariff restrictions among the Commonwealth countries like the European Union (EU).


They also agreed on some other recommendations, including the one for introducing youth quota in parliaments of the commonwealth countries.


The recommendations were passed at different workshops of the 63rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) being held at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the city.


The eight-day annual flagship conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association with the participation of some 500 MPs began on November 1. The general assembly of the 63rd CPC will be held on Tuesday to finalise Dhaka declaration following the placement of a number of resolutions on different issues.


The Commonwealth lawmakers at a workshop titled ‘The Role of Parliamentarians in Building Stronger Ties within the Commonwealth: Including New Trade Issues, Travel Restrictions, non-tariff restrictions’ unanimously agreed to work for the introduction of uniform visa and trade systems and easing tariff restrictions among the commonwealth countries.


Three MPs from Nigeria, the UK and Guiana were the key discussants at the workshop moderated by Canadian lawmaker Alexandra Mendès.


At another workshop titled ‘Giving Voice to the Youth: Mechanism for Ensuring Effective Participation of Youth in the Governance Process,’ the Commonwealth MPs agreed on introduction of youth quotas in parliaments, and youth quotas at the party levels in case of choosing candidates.


The MPs also agreed that parliaments must ensure that youth participations are given voice in the parliamentary national, regional and international representative bodies.

Parliament needs to give voice to the youth by making sure the policies close to their hearts are actively considered.


Parliaments and parliamentarians should ceaselessly endeavour to ensure mainstreaming of the youths in governance and nation building so as to equip and empower them to shape the destinies of democracies worldwide.


Youth delegates from different countries also attended the workshop.


At a separate workshop titled ‘The Climate Change Debate: A Challenges for the Commonwealth’, the commonwealth lawmakers unanimously agreed on two recommendations, including ensuring a framework combating climate change.


The two recommendations are: Parliaments within Commonwealth will ensure a framework for combating climate change is developed and implemented, and legal reform to ensure climate resilient development.


The Commonwealth MPs committed to finding means to give legal protections to people displaced by climate change and support a UN general assembly resolution to this effect.


Five other workshops were also held on Monday on different issues focusing on democracy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and what factors fuel the rise of different kinds of nationalism.


Source: UNB

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