Travis Scott gives Pregnant Kylie Jenner $55k diamond chain during romantic trip to Houston

Pampering his lady! Travis Scott is treating allegedly pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner right, gifting her with a super blinged out $55K diamond chain during their romantic trip to his hometown of Houston.

Well this is a luxurious way for Travis Scott, 25, to show his love for allegedly pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 20. He gifted her with a stunning $55,000 diamond encrusted necklace and pendant that reads “Cactus Jack,” in lettered blocks.

That so happens to be the name of the record label that Travis launched earlier this year. The reality star showed off her new bling in a Snapchat pic where she’s seen on a private jet heading home from their romantic Houston getaway, sporting the unique piece. She has a slight grin and the photo is cropped from her from chest up while she’s wearing a baggy grey sweater. Ky even has a cozy white blanket raised right up to the necklace to hide any chance of showing off her allegedly pregnant baby belly.

Of course Kylie’s makeup is absolutely flawless as the cosmetics queen is her own best billboard. But it’s the stunning new diamond bling that gets the center of attention in the pic. Back in September, TMZ reported that the rapper dropped $500,000 for nine chains from celeb jeweler Elliot Avianne of Avianne Jewelers in NYC. One was a “Flame Boy” 80-carat chain for himself, while he ordered eight Cactus Jack chains for members of his crew. Since she’s allegedly having his baby, Kylie is of course part of his nearest and dearest and is happily showing off the latest bling from her man.

The couple had a whirlwind trip back to his hometown of Houston on Oct. 24, where they were spotted doing low-key things like going out to lunch at MOD pizza, where they picked up a pepperoni pie to go. They managed to go totally stealth on their visit, as no one got any snaps of the pair. Several fans took to Twitter to report sightings, including Kylie and Travis riding around in a Lamborghini just outside of the city’s downtown. Nice! They roll in style in Texas just like they do in Calabasas.

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