Special beauty tips for festival

Your dress and accessories are ready, your hair treatment is done, and the shoes are just waiting for you to step into them for the special religious festival. But you haven’t found the time to visit the parlour for a facial.

So what’s your beauty plan for the day?

Wait, don’t apply the cosmetics yet. First thing first. Let your skin glow naturally before you dab any cosmetics on your face, lest you regret the beautiful disaster. Do not ignore those simple beauty tips. They go a long way.

1. Clean the skin: Clean your face with water and face-wash or use cleansing milk to remove all that dirt on your face first. Wipe it dry with a soft towel. Avoid rough texture as it could cause damage to the skin surface.

2. Exfoliate the skin: Exfoliating the skin gives the much needed flawless and glowing skin. Use a good quality face-scrub or homemade face-scrubs to remove dead skin once a month and have a smooth skin. However, young skin should avoid face-scrub.

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