Attach priority to national interest to expedite development: President

President M Abdul Hamid on Monday urged all, irrespective of party affiliations and opinions, to attach priority to the national interest to speed up country’s development and progress.

“All have to give attention that no person or quarter or any party interest would hamper the national interest,” he told a function at Bajitpur College here on the occasion of its golden jubilee celebration.

Referring to different political ideologies, the President said as part of democratic practices, there might be different beliefs and thoughts or followers of different political parties but everybody must have one and same aim to ensure welfare of the country and its people.

“Stability is very conducive to the development . .

. Social, political and economic stability speeds up country’s progress while instability hampers the growth,” Abdul Hamid observed.

The President stressed the need for combating corruption from all spheres of the society and implementing the spirit of Liberation War to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of common people.

“You have to hate corruption heart and soul and remove corrupt practices from the society,” Hamid suggested. Terming the students as the immensely potential asset of a country, he said they must build themselves world-class to face the challenges of this competitive millennium.

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