Yes, I’m going for divorce: Pop singer Mila

Popular pop singer Mila has publicly announced that she is going for divorce with her husband accusing him of torture and having affairs with multiple women.


“Yes, I’m getting a divorce. We’ve got married after 10 years of relationship.

But only 13 days after our marriage, I got to know about his affairs with more than one women,” she wrote on her official and verified Facebook page.


Her husband, Parvez Sanjari, was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly torturing her, leaving her left arm broken and several other parts injured.


Police arrested Sanjari, pilot of a privately-run domestic airline company, after Mila filed a case with Uttara West Police Station under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act on the day.


Mila in her long Facebook post said her husband was continuously cheating on her while they were dating and he continued to cheat even after their marriage with multiple women.


“I cannot live with someone who does this even after such a long relationship. Life is nothing without honesty. No one deserves someone who can do this to his newlywed wife,” she said.


Mila said this is not about being an artist or celebrity and this is about having a minimum decent and respect towards his or her spouse. “I cannot accept this as a human being. No one should. No man will tolerate his wife having an affair with another guy, no woman should accept it either,” she wrote.


Mila mentioned that so for the love of her work and music, she wants to move on with her life. “My biggest achievement of my love is my fans and audience. They have not forgotten me after so many years.”


But in choosing life partner after 10 years of relationship, she said she found the proof of his betrayal. “Still, I tried to save the marriage.”


Mila said her husband started denying the marriage and misbehaving extremely with her.


After trying everything she has spoken to the Managing Director of the private airlines and let him know that what is going on with her so that he can make her husband understand that they have a social status and not to ruin it doing such shameful acts.


The MD assured her that he will talk to him and wanted to know the names of the air hostages Mila’s husband was having illegal affairs. “He has told me to have patience which I did but nothing changed!!”


“Not only was I taking mental abuse from him, I was also a victim of physical abuse from time to time and finally I had enough and realised I could no longer be a victim, especially where so many young girls look up to me as a role model,” Mila said.


She said she needed to take her fate into her own hands and get out of this miserable situation.


“I asked my family for help and they took me Uttara Thana where I filed a case under Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Domon Ain 2000 (amended 2003) after which the police arrested him. No woman or man should have to live like this no matter what her or his position in society is,” Mila wrote.


She thanked all her family members, fans and well-wishers for their love and support.


Source: UNB

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