Skipping breakfast can enlarge your waist!

The flab around your tummy has been quietly growing while you were busy working away. And for the past few months you have been trying to shed some pounds and get in shape again.

You have been reducing your food portion and skipping breakfast. But do you know that skipping breakfast has been adding to the size of your waist!


“Do not skip breakfast.” How often have we heard that line before. But skipping breakfast can be more harmful to your health than you think. A study shows that skipping breakfast can enlarge your waist.


For quite some time or more often than less, you have been skipping breakfast. And the resultant effect? Instead of slimming down, your waist has been growing bigger by the day. You begin to gain weight instead of losing it.


How skipping breakfast affects the body


Apart from a mundane or unhealthy lifestyle, any bad food habit is bound to make you grow heavier by the weight. Hence, the bad habit of skipping breakfast can result in weight gain and other more serious health issue.


Skipping breakfast can lead to “increased risk of atherosclerosis” – the arteries tend to harden and narrow due to a build-up of plaque.


A study published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology showed that atherosclerosis was observed with more frequency among people who skipped breakfast and was also higher in participants who consumed low-energy breakfasts compared to breakfast consumers.


Also, those who skipped breakfast had the biggest waist size, body mass index, high blood pressure, blood lipids and fasting glucose levels.


“People who regularly skip breakfast are likely have an overall unhealthy lifestyle,” said author Valentin Fuster, Director of Mount Sinai Heart Institute.


Unhealthy lifestyle include frequent alcohol consumption, smoking, poor meal timing, poor overall diet, poor sleep timing, and other habits and vices.

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