How to make your garden flowers bloom long and healthy

We don’t always admit or perhaps even know to what degree curiosity and awe for nature motivate our love for flowers. When flowers come to mind, most of us think of the fragrance of rose, the poise of lily and the majesty of lotus.

The beauty, colour and charm of blooms never fail to enthrall us.


A garden needs to be blossoming to catch the eyes of onlookers. Blooming makes plants and trees a standout by sporting dozens of flowers that blend a magnificent array of mesmerising hues from violet purple to burgundy red, hot pink to cobalt blue and so on. Every fusion is an alluring combination.


If you want to have an ever-flowering garden, go for quick growing and spreading varieties that can withstand the warm summer month and the cold that winter brings. Knowing which flowers can endure it all will allow you to decorate your garden all year long by following few tips:


Tips on planting flowers


Soil plays a significant role in providing plenty of nutrients constantly to the plant. Use a soil that is light, rich in organic matter (compost) and encourages bacterial activity that enhances the fertility of soil.


Pluck the wilted and faded blooms to have more and more flowers. Wilted flowers act like an obstacle in directing the energy by the plant to other flowers. They receive less nutrients and attract more insects and pests if the faded blooms are not removed.



To feed the plants regularly with flowering fertilizer containing more phosphorus than nitrogen to have more flowers. Phosphorus promotes more flower buds.


Most of the plants need direct sunlight for several hours a day to come to flower. However, this is not the case with shade loving plants. They bloom less when exposed to more sun.


Plants absorb nutrients and water from soil through roots. To have abundant flowers, nurture the roots. While performing transplantation or digging the soil, be careful not to damage or cut the roots.


Apply mushed soil to have plenty of healthy flowers.


Do moderate watering to flowering plants. Over and under watering both have adverse effect on blooming.


With these tricks, you can marvel at the ebony sheen of the silky flowers for days. Bees buzzing in these sparkling flowers will take you back to your childhood. The show must continue as long as possible with full zeal.


Flowers are one of the most delicate creations of Mother Nature. Handle them with utmost love and care. Enjoy and good luck flowering!

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