Easy tips on how to keep your white clothes whiter and brighter

White is an inherent positive colour that symbolises purity, goodness, virginity, heaven, humility, coolness, softness, simplicity, spirituality and perfection.


When it comes to clothes, the colour of snow is often talked about cleanliness and brightness. In western culture, white is the traditional colour worn by brides.

In eastern countries, white is the colour of mourning and funeral dressing. In many cultures, white clothes are associated with royalty or religious figures. There’s no denying that white clothes look their best when their colour is crisp and new. Preserving the original colour can extend the life of your bright white wear and it can help you save money.


Keep your white clothes as bright as possible. Don’t lose sleep over it. Adopt easy ways that are inexpensive as well.


Dry white clothes in the whitening rays of sun. After washing white clothes, skip the dryer cycle. Instead put them out in the sun to get dry and whiter naturally.


Add half cup of baking soda to two litres of water. After washing your clothes, soak your white laundry in this solution for half an hour. Rinse and dry. Your clothes will become fresh and whiter.


Tablets of aspirin which are known for curing headaches have the power to break down the gunk that turns your whites into yellow. Dissolve 10 aspirin tablets in three litres of water. Soak your clothes in this solution for a while and then toss them into your washer. Make sure not to use coloured varieties of aspirin. Otherwise, your white clothes will become coloured ones. Stick to white aspirin only.


Hydrogen peroxide is a great whitening agent similar to store-bought ones. Mix half cup of this oxidizer in four litres of water. Soak your washed clothes in it for few minutes. The solution will dissolve residue and brighten your whites perfectly.


Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to your wash cycle. It won’t only bring brightness to your whites but will soften the fabric as well.


Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to your wash cycle of white laundry. It’ll whiten your yellow clothes.


Go for detergent-free wash cycles for your white fashion. Use a small amount of ammonia to remove all accumulated residue and restore cleanliness with whiteness.


Now, white is no longer the hardest colour to keep looking bright as new as even after many washes. These home solutions are ultimate safer options that are less toxic than chemical cleaners like bleach. Be sure to keep your coloured clothes away from these solution.

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