Pray and let pray

Some days are tough and when trouble comes, it all comes rolling together. Well, probably, you got up from the wrong side of the bed.

Most days you would have gotten out of bed without much thought. May be, you are already up and about in no time. Or, do you lie awake on the bed thinking about the things to do?


How do you begin your day? Some talk about meditation and fitness programme. Others talk about a cup of tea or a glass of water.


People have different ways of starting the day. But one of the best ways to begin the day is with a prayer, short or small. Starting the day with a prayer helps to build positive thoughts and ward off negativity around.


If there’s power in positive thinking, there’s a bigger power in praying. For, it is prayers that powers positive thinking to deal with every situation, bad or difficult. And, it is rightly said that the one who kneels in prayer can stand up to anything.


“I don’t know what is this power that makes it work. But the days I pray for something, it just happens,” someone said.


Yes, there’s power in prayers, but have the faith. Faith makes it happen. You must believe. To believe is to pray, to pray is to hope and to hope is to live. And praying without ceasing is living positively.


What is praying all about?


Praying is not just about chanting beads or repeating the same words again and again. It’s a medium of spiritual connection. Prayer is a real conversation or a communication with the Supreme being, your creator. It is about opening up to God and telling him everything. It is about listening to the silent spiritual voice and making it lead and guide you.


Begin your day with a prayer, sitting or kneeling on your bed. And, take everything to God. Pray for just about everything and people in your life.


While praying is the best way to begin the day, one can pray anytime and anywhere, for God is everywhere. The teachings in the Bible says, “pray without ceasing”. Lead a prayerful life.

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