Protect your child against changing weather

Amid the incessant monsoon showers, the hot summer sun is slowly fading and fall is slowing creeping in. Every time the weather changes, children are the worst affected.

Hence, it is important to protect your child against the changing weather by providing the right food. Protect your child against seasonal sicknesses brought about by the change in the weather.


Now, that autumn is setting in, make your children eat food that will keep them physically fit and their immune system strong for protection against all kinds of sickness the cooler weather may bring.


Tips on what food to give children during changing weather


1. First thing, make the children drink plenty of purified water. Instill in them the habit of drinking at least a glass of plain water first thing in the morning. A well-hydrated body is imperative to keep the body healthy all the time.


2. Include food that are rich in vitamins, fibre and protein in their daily diet, especially in their breakfast. It is important to make them have wholegrain cereals, pulses and eggs


3. Add food ingredients that are rich in antioxidants in their daily diet such as garlic, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and ginger to strengthen their immune system and keep them safe from viral diseases.


4. Make them drink all types of fruit juice, soups, milk and herbal tea at least once daily to boost their growth and energy level.


5. Make them eat nuts and plenty of fresh fruits and salad. But make sure the raw food are washed properly before consuming.


6. Also, make sure they maintain personal hygiene to stay protected from infectious diseases.

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