Oxfam to help over 200,000 Rohingyas in Bangladesh

Oxfam is now providing clean water, sanitation and tarpaulins for shelter to Rohingya people who have fled to Bangladesh.


Nearly 400,000 people crossed into Bangladesh in the last four weeks, doubling the number of people seeking refuge in the south east of the country.


Oxfam’s initially plans to help 200,000 people, it said on Friday, reports UNB.


M B Akhter, Interim Country Director, Oxfam in Bangladesh, said, “People face a desperate  situation. They have no clean drinking water and no food.

They are homeless and hungry following a long and treacherous journey across the border. Many are now sleeping under open sky, by roadsides and in forests, with no protection. People are physically and emotionally traumatized.”


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