Take back your nationals, Prime Minister to Myanmar

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday renewed her call to Myanmar to take back their nationals from Bangladesh and take steps so that they could stay in their homeland safely.


“We hope the good sense will prevail upon the government of Myanmar and they will take their nationals (Rohingya) back from Bangladesh and also take steps so that they can live in their country safely…we surely want that,” she said during her 27-minute winding-up speech of the 17-session of the 10th parliament in the evening.


Referring to the untold sufferings of the Rohingya people fleeing into Bangladesh in their thousands for the last few days, the Leader of the House said, “No matter how much sufferings we’ve to go through, we’ll share our food with them, if necessary, as we can’t throw them (Rohingyas) into the Naf River or the Bay of Bengal. We’ll have to give shelter to them.”


The Prime Minister said although there has been influx of Rohingyas in the country for decades, the recent influx has created a devastating situation as the way Myanmar Army is killing Rohingyas and unleashing oppression on is really unfortunate.


Following some insurgent activities in Myanmar like attacks on the Myanmar Army and their Border Police and killing of some of their members, she said, the Myanmar Army has been oppressing and killing innocent people in Rakhine.


“Our stance is very clear in this regard.

Those who are responsible for this must be found out and action should be taken against them. But, why there is oppression over the innocent people,” she added, reports UNB.

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