No end of August 21 grenade attack victims’ pain

The victims of the 21 August grenade attacks on an Awami League rally on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital have been leading miserable life with splinters in their bodies for nearly 13 years.

Their pain is getting worse as they are yet to return to normal life despite taking best treatment at home and abroad.

“It seems that our pain won’t end until our death,” Nasima Ferdousi MP, one of the victims, told the daily sun.

The victims say they are haunted by the deadly attack that left 24 people, including AL women affairs leader Ivy Rahman, dead and about 500 others injured.

Nasima, also vice-president of Mahila Awami League, said she is leading a painful life with hundreds of splinters in her body.

“I received more than 1,000 splinters in the violent attack. Some splinters were removed during treatment in India, Thailand, Singapore and Germany.”

The lawmaker regrets, “I will have to experience pain and suffering until my death.”

“I have to have many medicines every day.

I am now suffering from different deceases due to the side-effect of excessive medicine on my health,” she said.

Awami League Dhaka city (south) unit member Jobaidul Hoque Rasel received about 200 splinters in the grenade attack carried out on the then opposition AL in 2004 during the tenure of the BNP-led government.

“I always feel intolerable pain despite undergoing surgery on my body 17 times in Dhaka and India. My pain goes severe in the winter season,” Rasel told the daily sun.

He also said he is now suffering from various deceases due to the splinters.

The AL leader expressed grievance as none but AL President Sheikh Hasina who escaped the attack, inquire about the victims.

“Some victims are financially insolvent and receive assistance from Sheikh Hasina. No others of our party assist the helpless victims,” he said.

Rasel called upon the AL-led government to bring the attackers to book.

The grenade attack left Mahila AL Vice-President Asma Jerin Jhumu almost paralysed. There are numerous splinters in her body despite taking treatment at home and abroad.

Jhumu, a former lawmaker, said she cannot walk normally due to pain in knee, legs and various parts of her body.

“I have to pour hot water in my legs several times a day to get rid of the pain. Often I have to pass sleepless night due to my severe pain,” she said.

She also said she has to go through surgery very often because splinters sometimes disrupt the blood-circulation process.

She believes that the government will bring masterminds of the grenade attack, including BNP senior vice-chairman Tarique Rahman and former state-minister for home Lutfuzzaman Babar, to justice as soon as possible.

“I think the masterminds will not go unpunished. The government held the trial of war criminals and Bangabandhu killers successfully. Now, we are waiting for the trial of the 21 August grenade attackers,” she added.

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