Legal notice served to remove ‘Nesha’ from YouTube

A lawyer has served a legal notice to remove Kushum Shikder starrer music video ‘Nesha’ from YouTube within 72 hours.

The Supreme Court lawyer Aftab Uddin Siddique on Sunday sent the notice to the producer of the song, performers Kushum and Khaled Hossain Shujon.

A copy of the legal notice was sent to the secretaries of information ministry and cultural affairs ministry, chairman of BTRC and acting secretary of Information and Communication Department.

Bongobd, a Youtube channel, released the music video on August 2 on its channel.

Arranged and composed by Hridoy Khan, Kushum Shikder herself panned the lyrics, lent her vocal for the song.

Directed by Shubhro Khan and Sraboni, Khaled Hossain Shujon has worked as co- model with Kushum Shikder in the music video.

Kushum Shikder made her debut through film ‘Gohine Shobdo’ in 2010. But, she started her career in the industry in 2002.

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