Sweeten your diet with the goodness of watermelon

Fruits in your daily diet is essential for good health. Watermelon is among the most attractive and nutritious fruits with many health benefits.

This summer fruit is rich in fibre, has a high percentage of water content (92%), rich in vitamin A and vitamin B6. So include it in your daily diet this summer and delight in its sweetness.

In fact, a bowl of watermelon contains only 80 calories. If you are aiming at weight loss and beautiful glowing skin, it is one of the best things to have daily.

Some of the benefits of consuming watermelons daily

Watermelons keep your eyes, teeth and skin healthy

Acts as a cleansing agent for kidneys

Lowers high blood pressure

Reduces risk of heart attack

Reduces high blood sugar

Helps in fighting cancer

Cools the body and mind

Prevents mood swings

Strengthens bones

Keeping all these goodness in mind, fill your body with the sweetness of watermelons.

Source: Agencies

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