Helicopter lands in Kashimpur jail boundary, 3 detained

Two Malaysian nationals and a Bangladeshi were detained after a helicopter carrying them landed in Kashimpur central jail area in Gazipur on Thursday.

The helicopter landed in the area around 11am and took off leaving three of them within a few minutes.

Subrata Kumar Banik, Superintendent of Kashimpur Central Jail-2, said: “A Malaysian expatriate who married in there was going to attend a wedding ceremony along with the members of his family from Comilla to Gazipur by helicopter of Meghna Aviation. But the pilot wrongly landed the helicopter in the jail area instead of the right place.”

Later the prison guards detained them and took under the interrogation, he added.

However, the authorities of the Meghna aviation expressed their regret to the prison department for the pilot’s error, said a top official of prison department.

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