Keep your clothes smelling good

To wear clean and nicely scented clothes is important, as bad smelling clothes and body odour can be a big turnoff.

From younger to older and men to women, everyone likes to attract attention of people around. Well, good scented clothes can help you achieve it by fighting body odour and also boosting your confidence.

Although the efficacy of good smelling clothes as health boosting properties are not scientifically proven, they may help enhance the mood which can beat your anxiety blues and lift your spirits.

Another therapeutic effect is that fragranced clothes may help sleep better at night.

Now, monsoon time can be a real tough time as your clothes and dresses when not dried properly can smell real bad.

No matter what perfume you use, the stink on your clothes may not go away. However, a little bit of care can help solve the problem.

Follow few easy tricks and keep your clothes always sweet smelling.

Hang your clothes up in fresh air for some time after washing them. You may use your yard, balcony or the space near to an open window for this purpose. This practice may ensure that your clothes are well exposed to fresh air.

Keep your closet clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a damp rag especially before storing your clothes in it.

You can place some scented cotton balls or scented essential oils on the shelves. The scent will transfer onto your clothes and cover up bad smells with good ones.

You may also tuck a container of coffee grounds in your closet as they’re known to absorb unpleasant odours.

You may also experiment with some different nice-smelling herb sachets and choose the one that works best for you.

Make sure not to put dirty clothes in your wardrobe. Launder your used clothes before storing them so as to remove sweat and other odour causing particles.

Also, never store moist clothes in your closet as they may quickly develop bad odour.

Adding a dryer sheet between each layer of clothes or just at the bottom of each drawer and shelf is great for keeping clothes fresh and smell good. You may also place this sheet to your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh while travelling.

Hang your clothes in your wardrobe keeping some gap between them to let the air circulate.

Spray a nice perfume on your clothes after wearing them to stay fresh and smell good always.

Scent from clothes is a very personal thing. Generally people don’t give enough attention to the business of keeping their clothes fragrant. You may aspire to dress up well from head to toe, but if your clothes are not smelling good, you’ll miss out on a good deal of people remembering you by your scent.

So next time you wear fragrant sweet-scented clothes, remember that it’s not just about smelling good but also will make you feel better. Always wear clean clothes and nicely scented clothes and spread your sweet fragrance wherever you go.

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