Beyonce and the Instagram that gained 5m likes

Beyonce has released the first photo of her newborn twins, choosing – as per – a Botticelli-inspired, floral-heavy photograph for Instagram. It’s a hyper-stylised image, and one that will likely break the internet

Like every mother who has just given birth, Beyonce is finding it tough to get dressed and leave the house.
You know what it’s like: you’ve been wearing your dressing gown for days and the furthest you have been in a month is the front steps while you’re breastfeeding to have a deranged chat with a slightly alarmed delivery man. We’ve all been there, Bey! And so, for the long-awaited photo of her with her newborn twins, which she has at last gifted the world, Beyonce is wearing an open robe and standing in what indeed looks like her back garden. Just keepin’ it real.

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