Give a modern makeover to your old accessories

Making your old accessories look new can be quite tiresome and to spare themselves of the labour, people often end up spending more on the new trendy ones. But do you know that by adding the numbers or wearing them differently can make them look young and new?


Tips on how one can give their old accessories a new look:


Revamp the old necklace by making it a hair accessory, the necklace can be worn in a way that makes it look like a bedazzled headband.

You can use bobby pin to secure your elegant look.


Piling on necklaces is in fad these days. You can pile up delicate chains and add robust jewellery to complete the look.



Splurge on those sturdy rings. Instead of wearing a single ring, you can wear two-three rings on the same hand or in same finger and if the rings are of fine quality, stack up 4.



Up your dress-up game by wearing the same old pearl necklace in different ways, mix n match, roll it up, wear it backwards or simply tie up a side knot!



The obvious thing you can do is “upcycle”. Transform your old accessory somehow for example, discover your creativity and take a boring bangle and paint it with the latest season’s colours or trends (for example, right now stripes are in), or wrap it with interesting ribbons.



You can use a necklace as bracelet or anklet simply by wrapping it around more times.

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